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Set Your Own Online Training Schedule And Pace

Do you need training, but have a busy schedule and want to work at your own pace? Online ANYTIME training at New Horizons Doha provides a convenient and flexible eLearning option.

Available as a web-based and computer-based training option, Online ANYTIME allows you to access your courses at home, from the office, or on the road anytime, day or night, without any investment in servers, licensing, or software.

If you prefer an independent learning approach, Online ANYTIME is a great option. New Horizons Doha designs each course to include a definition of learning objectives, instructional strategies, and appropriate learning activities.

Broken down into searchable modules, Online ANYTIME allows you to easily find different parts of the course on which to focus.

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Benefits of OLA

  • Train when you want
  • Focus on the training you need
  • Unlimited review to reinforce concepts
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Online Anytime Testimonial

I am really enjoying the class learning about the new features in Server 2008. I enjoy the hands on element of the virtual labs and your very flexible method of instruction. Being able to ask questions at any time is a great thing IMO.

Thanks for the class and I will definitely push my Dept for more training dollars to take more classes.
Charlie P.